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    Which agency in Morocco specializes in artificial intelligence? This is the MAROC SEO® digital agency, based in Casablanca!

    As a 360 digital agency based in Casablanca, we offer our clients in Maroc Seo and abroad a wide range of digital services in order to improve their presence on the Web, facilitate the conversion of prospects and develop their digital activity.  Our digital agency in Maroc Seo is now also specialized in the of activities of Creation of websites, Website optimization, Creation of mobile applications, Configuring web servers, Design, logos & graphic charts, Motion Design, Artificial intelligence, and 3D Virtual tours. 

    When you work with MAROC SEO®, you can rest assured that we will only provide the best results for your company; we could assist you get where you would like to go thanks to our extensive knowledge of digital marketing. Choose MAROC SEO® today, since there is only one way up from here.


    Why trust MAROC SEO® to develop/manage your artificial intelligence projects?

    Because we provide solutions

    We are a close partner. We like to know, understand and establish a relationship of trust with our clients in order to provide them with the best solutions that help them achieve their business objectives.

    Because we have experience

    We have a committed and stable team. With more than 10 years of experience in the realization of technological projects for all types of companies. We like challenges and put our experience at the service of our customers.

    Because we like to innovate

    We are up to date with the most advanced technological solutions and in our MAROC SEO ® agency, we experiment and create proofs of concept to be able to incorporate them into the solutions we offer to our clients.

    The latest advances and the growing widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies represent a technological breakthrough of great impact in all fields. In contrast to the natural intelligence exhibited by people and animals, artificial intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by robots. The replication of human intellectual functions by machines, particularly computer systems, is known as artificial intelligence.

    Artificial intelligence aims to improve learning, thinking, and perception using computers. Today, artificial intelligence is applied in a variety of sectors, including banking and healthcare. Strong artificial intelligence handles activities that are more sophisticated and human-like, whereas weak artificial intelligence often focuses on basic, single tasks.

    Cognitive systems can notice trends and deliver insights to assist your teams to improve workflows, response times, and customer experiences by gathering and learning from data. With MAROC SEO® artificial intelligence services, you can bring your business into the 21st century and beyond.

    Smart Virtual Assistants (Chatbots)

    At MAROC SEO®, we develop intelligent virtual assistant solutions (chatbots) in Marocseo. An intelligent virtual assistant provides natural interaction with users through multiple channels. It allows users to request and interact in natural language, leveraging machine learning and language processing capabilities to guide users through defined flows and processes. It is also able to understand the emotional tone of the conversation or obtain the personality traits of the user, which makes it possible to adapt the response to each situation, providing a better user experience.

    The use of these tools with artificial intelligence offers companies new business opportunities. Not only does this allow them to improve their relationship with their customers, but through the automation of customer service, it offers them cost savings and additional information to analyze, draw models and make profitable. In the case of e-commerce, chatbots can guide you through much of the buying process until you get a sale, as they can quickly and clearly answer any questions the customer might have at that time.

    Cognitive technologies

    At MAROC SEO®, we create cognitive technology solutions capable of understanding and reasoning through artificial intelligence. These technologies not only help to understand the meaning of the text, but also the emotions and feelings behind it. With these artificial intelligence services, companies can create detailed customer profiles, sales teams can better understand their customers’ needs, and we can integrate new personalization features into applications.

    The development of cognitive solutions with CRM platforms represents a spectacular advance in the experience of our customers, due to the possibility of personalizing interactions and being able to do so on a large scale. This is achieved by combining relevant and abundant information from our customers, through cognitive models and multi-channel relational models, throughout the various customer journeys. 

    Artificial intelligence-related technologies are examples of cognitive technology. They are capable of carrying out jobs that were previously exclusively available to humans. Computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, and robots are a few examples of cognitive technology.


    Machine Learning (Automatic Learning)

    At MAROC SEO®, we create Machine Learning solutions adapted to our customers using artificial intelligence. Automatic Learning, or Machine Learning, is a type of Artificial Intelligence that gives computers the ability to learn, without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is concerned with building and creating computer algorithms that can adapt to new inputs.

    In all areas of a business, anticipating certain future scenarios can be very rewarding for decision-making. In addition, predictive models allow us to anticipate events and generate a relationship of trust with customers, by personalizing interactions with them and anticipating their needs. 

    Machine learning and data analytics are typically used in artificial intelligence projects. Data is analyzed using machine learning to find underlying trends. Software developers can utilize this information to investigate certain problems if it identifies anything that is pertinent to a real-world situation. All that is needed are data that are strong enough for algorithms to recognize valuable patterns. Digital information, satellite images, visual information, text, and unstructured data are all examples of data.

    Example of the use of Machine Learning: the segmentation of the customer database, identifying the groups of consumers who will respond in a similar way to any marketing actions carried out.
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