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    MAROC SEO® is the motion design agency par excellence in Morocco. Our expertise perfectly answers the questions you must ask yourself concerning graphic animations / motion design / motion graphics:
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    How to choose a graphic animation / motion design agency?

    Steps to Create a Motion Graphic Project That Lives Up to Your Business

    If you finally decide to undertake a motion design project of these characteristics, follow these steps to ensure that the final product lives up to your expectations and the image of the company you represent.

    Step 1 - Write a solid script

    As in any audiovisual production, no matter how short, in a Motion Design/Motion Graphics project, you must have a good script.

    Typically, these types of motion design projects are short, so you only have a few seconds to capture the user’s attention. How do you do that? With two of the resources of design: simplicity and clarity. Start by defining the objectives, the main lesson to be conveyed and the tone of the project. By varying one of these criteria, you will obtain very different projects. The same goals and lessons in two stories with different tones can make the difference between a comedic story and a drama. What tools do you have? This will depend on the medium in which your Motion Design/Motion Graphics project evolves. If it is to be part of a corporate presentation without a voiceover, it will be different than if it comes with one.

    Step 2 - Design a storyboard with personality

    The storyboard allows a preview of what the final product will look like. In general, a first brainstorming (brainstorming) is carried out with the design team and those responsible for the texts. As a result, a series of drawings or sketches will be obtained which will allow us to perceive the key points of the production. At MAROC SEO®, we carry out this process in the following way: first of all, we divide the script into its most important sequences, specifying what is said in each of them. We accompany this story with sketches of the visual aspect that we want to use in the Motion Design project.

    Step 3 - Convert storyboard to layout

    Once we have the client’s approval, we proceed to make a more detailed storyboard, screen by screen, to show the final result, without animation and voiceover if necessary. It is not an automatic process, because as in any type of format, the style and color of visual communication communicates as much as the story itself. In addition, we must respect the corporate visual identity of the brand we work for, with its limits in terms of colors and fonts. To avoid this process being long, we take care of all the details from the storyboard stage to the design. In addition to presenting this material, our customers receive indications of the movement of each of the transitions.

    Step 4 - Final animation

    In the last step, we proceed to the animation of all the elements that make up each of the screens. We are very careful when approaching this last phase of a Motion Design/Motion Graphics project. This is the one that requires the most work, and in which you have to rely on rendering time. At MAROC SEO ®, we use After Effects in particular to create the animations of objects and texts that make up a Motion Design project. After Effects is a very powerful animation program that allows us great freedom when it comes to giving movement to projects. Like any other animation program, it needs time to generate the full motion. If the motion type or style is unclear, all that work will have been for naught. To avoid this type of inconvenience, before animating, we define several parameters with our clients.

    Although all Motion Design projects are not necessarily accompanied by a voiceover, we do not want to close this topic without devoting a few lines to this aspect.

    What should a good speech contain? Following are some of the most significant matters points:

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