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    SMM – Social Media Marketing

    Our digital agency MAROC SEO ® accompanies you from A to Z to develop your marketing campaigns on social networks.

    MOROCCO SEO ® is a goal-oriented digital marketing agency in Morocco. For any SEO or search engine marketing campaign, we take a data-driven approach, set ambitious goals and report with meaningful reports and KPIs. Supported by a team with more than 20 years of experience in the international digital marketing industry, we know, for example, what are the steps to follow in order to increase web traffic, optimize conversions and increase sales by adhering to the best practices of white referencing and digital marketing recommended by Google in particular. 

    What is SMM, or Social Media Marketing?

    SMM or Social Media Marketing is the term used to refer to the use of social tools and platforms (usually social networks) as part of a digital marketing strategy. We will not only talk about the famous task of the community manager but also about marketing and campaigns focused on lead generation and the final sale. The main social networks on which we focus our SMM services are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, and YouTube.

    Every year, the number of companies that use SMM techniques increases. This is due to the development and increase in the possibilities offered by social networks to SMEs, start-ups and large companies. New forms of segmentation and delivering a new message to potential customers.

    Social Media
    Advertising Trends

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a world that particularly fascinates us. We provide weekly updates on the latest social media trends, our campaign experiences, insights, and areas for improvement. Our services in this sense include creativity, segmentation, remarketing, conversion rates, landing pages, mobile campaigns, content marketing, and all kinds of related topics with the ultimate goal of helping you improve the profitability of your social media campaigns (SMM).

    What is Social Media
    Marketing used for?

    We have already seen what Social Media Marketing is and now
    we are going to see what the use of working on an SMM strategy is.

    To gain visibility

    Working on a SMM strategy on social networks helps make the brand more visible, and makes potential customers and users aware of the existence of the brand and what it can bring them. Better understand the brand, to understand its value and its real activity.

    Create a community

    Social networks allow us to make ourselves known to users, to create communities and to segment audiences. By working well with an SMM Social Media Marketing  strategy, we can learn more about our community through the statistics provided by social networks.

    Increase web traffic

    If we share our own content through social media, we will increase the number of visits to our website or blog in a natural way. So in our SMM strategy, we must make users interested in our content to attract more people on the web at a lower cost.

    Work on the branding of the project

    Through all our social media marketing (SMM) activities, we will work on the brand image of the brand and at the same time we will create value for the brand.

    Improve brand reputation

    Through a good content SMM strategy, we generate a connection with our community, which will increase the trust and credibility of our brand. Thus, if your brand provides valuable content consistently and transparently, little by little it will unite around your community, to its work, to its service and its products, in short, to the values of the brand.

    Build customer loyalty

    We have already seen what Social Media Marketing is and now we are going to see what the use of working on an SMM strategy is.

    Prospect acquisition

    Through different social media marketing (SMM) strategies, we can capture prospects or potential customers, since we are expanding our database of people potentially interested in the products or services that we show. One of the great objectives of social media marketing (SMM) strategies is to capture leads, and with a good SMM strategy, we can achieve that.

    Facilitate instant communication with our audience

    There are more and more companies that provide customer service on social networks to handle complaints and claims or provide information about services and products. With this instant service, we can quickly solve problems and doubts, and with it, achieve more satisfied customers. It is an alternative to other traditional customer services, and can also be used as opportunities for active listening and discussion and thereby improving our service.

    It allows to impact segmented audiences at a lower cost

    Developing SMM strategies in social media allows us to reach a segmented audience in social networks and Google in a more effective way. In addition, this impact is inexpensive for companies since they can carry out powerful campaigns with little investment in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads or Twitter Ads, etc.

    Influencing the sales process

    Through different social media marketing (SMM) strategies, we will gradually get potential customers to sympathize with the brand, understand it and see it as a mark of trust and value. This way we can establish an emotional connection with the user, which helps us influence the sales process. Being on social networks alone does not make us sell more, but it helps us gain visibility, notoriety, and brand trust, and all of this helps us improve sales in the medium to long term.

    As you have seen, knowing what Social Media Marketing (SMM) is and what it is used for is very important for all professionals and companies who want to get started in digital marketing, and we hope that this article will help you understand its importance. SMM assists businesses and professionals in gaining visibility, improving brand positioning, making content viral, and building a community of users interested in the brand, all of which contribute to increased product and service sales.