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    ASO – Mobile SEO

    MAROC SEO® is the specialist in natural referencing of mobile applications (ASO) in Morocco.
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    What is ASO?

    App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing an app’s conversion rates to encourage more downloads while also enhancing its user attractiveness and visibility in the app stores. The App Store for iOS applications and Google Play Store for Android apps are the two most widely used app shops. ASO (App Store Optimization) is used in mobile apps like SEO is used for web pages. It is basically a set of techniques aimed at making mobile apps appear in the top positions of marketplaces. The ASO procedure also necessitates a critical comprehension of your target market, including the search terms your potential buyers use to locate programs that are similar to yours.

    Using our ASO-optimized techniques, we help drive more traffic to your app’s page in the App Store for IOS or Google Play for Android, with the goal of pushing a specific action: downloading the application. We help you appear in the search results of an App Marketplace by optimizing your mobile application, so that it is visible to your potential customers, resulting in the highest number of downloads in the app. ‘App Store or Google Play.


    What is the use of mobile SEO - ASO?

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    Just like in SEO, the purpose of Mobile App Optimization (ASO) is to make your app rank high in searches of a certain category, in order to attract lots of organic downloads. The real problem is that achieving a top position in the search ranking is not an easy task, as it involves a lot of variables, both inside and outside of the App Store. In addition, by focusing mainly on organic positioning, its results are seen in the medium to long term and this requires being up to date with the new algorithms of each Marketplace. Optimize your listing by doing keyword analysis, selecting catchy app title titles, guaranteeing speedy download times and excellent UX, launching social media campaigns to promote your app, etc.

    Google claims that app store searches lead to the discovery of 40% of apps. As a result, searching in the app store has become the preferred way to find and download new apps. Your app is missing out on the biggest discovery channel if you aren’t employing ASO to improve its search ranking.  The majority of publishers do not spend on app store optimization (ASO), despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of apps competing for rankings in each app store.

    Key factors for good ASO SEO

    As in any optimization process, certain key factors or measures are generally more critical than others when it comes to ensuring better positioning. Here we quote you some of the most important ones in almost all app stores:

    Number of downloads

    The traffic your mobile app receives is the most critical factor in a mobile app store. This is calculated by measuring the proportion between visits and the number of downloads (CRO = Conversion Rate Optimization). You must therefore ensure a constant flow of users to your mobile application.


    To talk about momentum is to talk about strategies that have maintained stable download levels for at least the past 30 days. Apps that make it to the favorites list are those downloaded by a constant and steady stream of interested users. The idea is that your app doesn’t lose legitimacy, which is why it’s so important to have a good ASO job done so you don’t depend on paid campaigns that create hope spikes, but when they are removed, traffic and downloads disappear.

    Frequencies and forms of use

    This is where the technical support must shine, the life of the mobile application depends on the comments or opinions left by the users, and these are the inputs to continue growing and improving in the long term. To take advantage of customer feedback, you need to care about how long they use your mobile app and what elements they use the most, in order to enrich them and phase out elements that are not essential.

    Key Benefits of Mobile App STORE Optimization (ASO)

    The main goals that Mobile Application SEO (ASO) helps you achieve are:

    The referencing of mobile applications at MAROC SEO®

    As you can see, ASO is a go-to strategy in the world of app stores, although ASO is also a great supporting element for your other digital marketing strategies. Simply said, mobile device marketing has taken up over the world, and the Covid-19 epidemic has boosted brand and consumer relationships through smartphones. A mobile app is a quick and easy way to enhance your recognition. Of your brand on mobile devices, it helps improve the user experience and is the easiest way to capture leads.

    If the subject interests you but you don’t know where to start, at MAROC SEO® we make your life easier, thanks to our team of mobile application developers in Casablanca. We will help you develop your mobile application in Morocco or abroad and position it in the Marketplace of mobile applications. Contact us!