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    Cryptocurrency Fundamentals and Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Which You Can Invest In

    Table of contents What is cryptocurrency? What are the two categories of crypto? Are crypto coins and tokens the same? What are altcoins? What are the types of cryptocurrencies? In today’s context, we hear the term cryptocurrency a lot. You[…]

    Web Applications and The 5 Types of Web Applications

    Table of contents What is a web application? What are the benefits of web applications? What are the advantages and disadvantages of web applications over other applications? What are the types of web apps? The use of digital platforms has[…]

    Web Development and The 3 Types of Web Development

    Table of contents What is web development? Web development as an industry What are the types of web development? What should an ideal web developer have? Is web designing and web development the same? What is a no-code movement? What[…]

    Mobile Apps Rule 2022 and Now You Can Easily Create One On Your Own

    Table of contents 1. What is a mobile app? 2. What are the forms of mobile apps? 3. What are the types of mobile applications? 4. What are the ways to build a mobile application? We all are so busy[…]

    Google Street View; Your Journey Made Easier in 2022

      Table of contents What is Google Street View? What are the features of Google Street View? How to use Google Street View? What are the benefits of using Google Street View to up your business? Isn’t it great that[…]

    Digital Agency; Here’s Why You Should Hire Them in 2022

    Table of contents What is a digital agency? What is the purpose of the digital agency? Why should you choose a digital agency? What makes a perfect digital agency? What are the special roles played by digital agencies? What are[…]

    WooCommerce: The easy way to start an online store in 2022

    Table of contents What is WooCommerce? Why should you use WooCommerce? What are the advantages and disadvantages of WooCommerce? Have you ever found it difficult to create Websites and manage them? New to Ecommerce and have limited knowledge on how[…]

    Digital Marketing in 2022 and Its Models That Can Enhance Brand Image

    Table of contents 1. What is digital marketing? 2. What are the types of digital marketing? 2.1. Search engine optimization 2.2. Pay per click 2.3. Social media marketing 2.4. Content marketing 2.5. Email marketing 2.6. Mobile marketing 2.7. Native marketing[…]

    Visual Identity; The Right Key to Your Great Brand Image in 2022

    Table of contents What is visual identity? What is the difference between brand identity and visual identity? What are the elements of the visual identity? How to design a unique visual identity? What is the significance of the visual identity?[…]

    Artificial Intelligence; The Future We Are Building in 2021

    Table of contents What is artificial intelligence? How does artificial intelligence function? What is learning in AI programming? What is reasoning in AI programming? What is self-correction in AI programming? What are the types of artificial intelligence? What is automation?[…]

    Websites and The 2022 Guide to Create your Dream Website

    Table of Contents What is a website? What are static websites and dynamic websites? How to optimize your website for search engines? Up your writing skills Target specific keywords Make multiple web pages for multiple keyword phrases Placing keywords Try[…]

    Google AdWords; Your New Digital Ad Agency Which Can Boost Your Sales in 2022

    Table of contents What is Google AdWords? How does Google AdWords work? How to use Google AdWords? Types of Google Ads Campaign Why is Google Keywords Planner the magic tool for Google Ads users? Now that everyone has come to[…]

    Tailoring Logo Designs for Better Brand Identity in 2022

    Table of contents What is a logo design? History of Logo designs Significance of a Logo design Types of Logos How to get logo design ideas type for your brand? How to design a logo? Beginner-friendly logo designing websites Have[…]

    Google Ads – Growing Business Worldwide

    Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a Google-developed online advertising platform that enables advertisers to bid on the display to web users of brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos. It can place adverts on non-search websites, mobile applications[…]

    Chatbot – Form of AI

    Do you ever visit a website and see a chat box pop up in the corner that says its name and asks you how can they help or assist you? That’s known as a Chatbot. It is a tool or[…]

    Motion Design – A Visual Wonder

    Motion Graphics are nothing but simply Graphic Design that are in motion. These are collections of animations, and digital footage, these create the illusion of motion. These are merged with audio, mainly used for multimedia projects. Motion design enables to[…]

    Mobile Development – Developing Software All Over World

    The concept of mobile development came into being quite recently and this is the right place to know more about it! Mobile development is more than just making phone apps, but that is a big part of it. Any type[…]

    Brochure – A Creative Guide

    When we visit a tourist destination or exhibition, or when the festive season is around the corner, or when there are sales, discounts, and offers offered by your local supermarket, you always notice a booklet known as a Brochure. Brochures[…]

    We need to talk about Big Data, It’s a GameChanger

    Big data is an area of artificial intelligence that deals with methods for examining, methodically extracting information from, or otherwise affecting data sets that are too large or complicated for conventional data-processing application software to manage. In other words, it[…]

    Internet – A Game Changer of 21st Century

    Isn’t the internet the most important part of our day-to-day work? What exactly is the term internet? It is a global computer network that provides a wide range of information or data and media across various devices. The World Wide[…]

    Google- A Revolutionary Invention

    There is no introduction to what Google is but let’s start by getting to know about the company and its history and how it started. Google is an American multinational technology company that provides and specializes in Internet-related products and[…]

    Graphic Designing – The Art of Visual Content

    What do you understand by Graphic Designing? The first thing that pops up in your mind is the attractive images and videos which we see on websites, on social media, and in other various places. Indeed, that’s what exactly it[…]

    Data Analytics- An Asset to organization

    It is true that Data analytics is the talk of the town, with major industries like healthcare, sports, education, government, etc. adopting data analytics, you got to know what and why? So let's begin with understanding the basics. What is[…]

    WordPress – Best Destination to Website Building

    This software doesn’t really need an introduction however let’s get started with what this is. WordPress is a popular open-source software introduced in 2003 meant for building website and content management systems. It can be used by anyone for free.[…]

    The Robust World of E-commerce

    E-commerce is also known as Electronic Commerce. It is a business activity of buying and selling goods and services online instead of buying or obtaining them physically from stores. Emergence of e-commerce 1960’s: CompuServe was the first-ever eCommerce company founded[…]

    Web Design – The Art of Crafting a website

    Web design involves a wide range of talents and disciplines in creating and managing websites, web design involves a wide range of talents and disciplines. Web Graphic Design, user interface design, composition, including standardized code and proprietary software, user experience[…]

    What is Google AdSense, Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

    Own a website? An online business? Planning to create a website (Website Creation)? Or a mobile application (Mobile App)? Maybe, even a Digital Agency? Then you must’ve come across “Google AdSense” a million times now. But what is it really?[…]

    What are Off-page VS On-page SEO

    How many times have you heard the term SEO and did not know what it meant? Or you did not know enough information about it, so you avoided engaging in the conversation? Well, all you need to learn is right[…]

    How to Create an Optimized Blog for SEO

    Blogs are the future of online marketing. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is formed by bloggers and writers to promote websites including events, products or just to get shares. How does SEO work and how does it optimize your[…]

    LinkedIn establishes new ways to help you get a job!

    You got your current job off LinkedIn, didn’t you? Well, so did I. This is how it works now; you have to create an account so you can have exposure and get hired. Frankly, the whole concept of the service[…]

    Here’s the New Era for Instagram in 2022!

    Instagram has been around for ages now. We have all witnessed all of the changes and major updates that went on throughout all the time it has been used. It is one of the most trendy social media apps that[…]

    Introducing the mind-blowing future of Youtube starting 2022

    Youtube company is introducing their new theatre, you read it correctly, Youtube Theater! It is very exciting to live through the 2020s. All tech companies are speeding to present new creative and exciting things every day. Well, this company’s exciting[…]

    This 2022 Facebook Update Will Protect Your Privacy from Ads!

    Have you been getting weirdly accurate ads (Google Ads) on your social media? Have you been in a situation where you’re talking to someone about a product and out of nowhere the ad for it appears on your home page?[…]

    3 Biggest Technology Trends In 2022 Everyone Must Get Ready For

    Here is an important question: have you been living in a cave for the past couple of years? Assuming the answer is no, then you have certainly noticed how insanely fast the world moves nowadays. If your answer is yes,[…]

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