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    At MAROC SEO®, we create and develop tailor-made mobile applications for you. Our mobile development experts use the latest high-level international techniques to develop your mobile application. Currently the complexity of certain processes can be tedious for many Internet users, which is why the development of mobile applications has become essential in your marketing strategy; If there is no app for your brand, you will be harder to find. Our mission through the development of mobile applications is to make it easier for users to perform certain tasks to, for example, increase your sales, share or exchange information or simply generate engagement.
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    Why develop a mobile application?

    The traffic generated on the Internet by mobile devices exceeds the traffic generated by PCs. Having a mobile app will connect you to an audience of over 800,000,000 users who already have mobile devices. The development of mobile applications and their downloading is one of the trends dominating the current digital marketing market and the business world. This represents for small and medium-sized businesses not only a great opportunity to reach a greater number of potential customers by offering them something useful and of quality, but also a need to be more competitive.
    In a mobile-first world, customers and employees want more ways to interact with brands. Creating mobile applications is the solution to respond more quickly to your needs. In our mobile application development agency in Casablanca, we carry out tailor-made and personalized projects for each client, studying the objectives to be achieved and the added value that the brand would obtain with the development of a mobile application.
    Design, usability and technology. 3 fundamental pillars in the development of mobile applications that our multidisciplinary team in Morocseo manages with a total guarantee of success. We offer you a technical update and maintenance service to guarantee the life of your application and integrate new features. We make digitization possible through our services in consulting, digital marketing, app store optimization, mobile app design and development for iOS and Android.
    Maybe you are looking to build your mobile app to grow your business, learning or entertainment business, but due to lack of time, skills or money, you have postponed your project. MAROC SEO® takes care of the whole process from A to Z for you. We help our clients from conceptualization to development, implementation and monetization of mobile applications, in the following stages:
    How do we do this? At the MAROC SEO® agency in Casablanca, we have a multidisciplinary team to successfully create, develop and monetize a mobile application: design and UX, developers, ASO and digital marketing.
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    Submit the mobile application in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

    Your mobile app must go through a very rigorous review process from both Apple and Google. Both companies offer developers a series of documents that are of great help during the process of creating and developing applications. These documents are guides on how the user interface should be designed or how to download an application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. MAROC SEO® makes sure to develop mobile applications for you that meet these requirements. When the app is submitted, information about the app should be provided, such as app name, price, app availability in different regions, or app metadata.

    Promote your mobile app

    No matter what type of app you have created, if you don’t have the resources to promote it, it will be very difficult for you to stand out in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. For example, Apple’s App Store has over 2 million apps. So, before you start downloading your app, focus on the following points.
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    Increase the visibility of your mobile application

    Once the ideal mobile application for our business has been developed, it’s time to consider a mobile marketing campaign. The first thing to take into account is the visibility in the market itself, known as ASO positioning in the Appstore or SEO if we work with Google Play for Android.
    With an organic campaign we will get good results but to have exceptional results, we always recommend our clients to combine with other advertising strategies that allow, when the time comes, to enter the top rankings in their field to the corresponding activity. It is at this stage that a mobile application sees its number of downloads exponentially multiply on a daily basis while remaining at the top of the market.
    The MAROC SEO® team has extensive knowledge to achieve these kinds of results, but it takes a lot of effort and resources to be successful. Once achieved, the results are simply spectacular.
    If you want to develop a mobile application for iOS and Android, contact us!